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The Business Alliance for Responsible Development exists to protect two fundamental American values: economic vitality and environmental health.

We believe that both are essential to our state's, and our nation's, well - being.

Without sustainable economic growth, none of the opportunities we rightfully seek for our families or our businesses are possible: Personal income stagnates. Job opportunities shrivel and disappear. Public policy issues go unaddressed. Companies are forced to scale back, either employing fewer people or paying lower wages.

Yet, in order to have long - term growth, we must be protective of our environment. If we destroy it in a short -sighted quest for economic gain, we likewise squander our future.

Some no - growth extremists maintain that we must choose between having a healthy economy or a healthy environment. BARD believes that is a false choice. We're here to demonstrate that the only sensible way forward is to safeguard the environment while promoting economic growth.

As a coalition of environmentally - minded businesses, we have also come together to expose the many ways in which the pronouncements of some pseudo - environmentalists can actually lead, in some cases, to a higher net carbon footprint and more dire environmental consequences in the medium to long - term.

Please explore our website to more fully understand who we are and why, as businesspeople, we are committed to policies that protect and serve both our nation's economic and environmental health.

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