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The Business Alliance for Responsible Development (BARD) provides Alabamians with a clear voice of reason in the debate over growth and development as opposed to those who seek unbridled growth at a heavy cost to the environment and those who seek to halt growth entirely.

BARD represents a point of view that is consistent with that of the majority of Alabamians who understand the wisdom of a balanced position on important issues as we chart our future progress.

The Alliance seeks to provide a voice in the debate for businesses and organizations who favor a responsible approach to development and a commitment to protecting the natural environment through the best engineering and scientific practices.

BARD therefore challenges anti - growth advocates who use the mantle of the environmental movement to disguise their true objectives. We also seek to challenge and improve the layers of overly restrictive regulation advocated by anti - growthers as a primary weapon to halt growth. If policy makers follow such a misguided approach, our citizens will inevitably lose jobs and economic opportunity to other states and regions.

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