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BARD was formed to safeguard the economic opportunities that flow to all Alabamians through responsible growth and development.

To that end, BARD uses science and sound engineering principles to challenge scientifically unsound, pseudo-environmental policy proposals.

BARD also:

  • PROVIDES local, regional and state regulatory and legislative officials with the scientific and technical information needed to make rational choices concerning regulations affecting growth. Our agenda is simple: We advocate environmentally responsible growth and development policies that allow for the reasonable growth and development that provides economic opportunity and jobs for this area's citizens.

  • SPEAKS UP, taking an active role in the development of any ordinance or regulation that will impact growth and economic opportunity for Alabamians. In addition, we aggressively respond to misinformation put forward by anti - growth factions and stand ready to correct misstatements in the press in a timely manner. In fact, one of the primary reasons this web site was created was to provide a place where errors of fact or omission in news stories and editorials can be corrected.

  • ADVOCATES environmentally sound, scientifically based policies that allow for reasonable and responsible growth and development. We believe that those who suggest that we must choose between environmental responsibility on the one hand, and growth and development on the other, are offering a false choice. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive. With the best scientific and engineering principles, we can maintain reasonable growth without damaging our environment in the process.
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