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As a part of its mission to promote environmentally responsible development and growth, which results in more economic opportunity for Alabamians, BARD has assembled a strategic team of top legal, technical, communications and scientific professionals. Working in concert, these professionals provide members a menu of services within the Upper Cahaba Watershed and The State of Alabama.


  • SUPPLIES local, regional and state regulatory and legislative officials with unbiased, scientifically sound facts and information relevant to growth and development issues.

  • PARTICIPATES in the development of ordinances and/or regulations that impact growth and economic development.

  • CHALLENGES, in a swift, straightforward manner, misinformation promulgated by anti - growth factions posing as environmentalists.

  • ADVOCATES environmentally sound policies based on unbiased facts and established engineering and scientific principles that allow for responsible growth and economic development that do not have a negative impact on our environment.

  • SERVES as a recognized resource for unbiased, objective information pertaining to responsible growth and economic development.
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